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Here in the Kerto Region, you train to become the Pokemon Master, however that goal isn't easy to reach when the region is under the dictation of Team Neon.
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Set in the fictional world of Apocalypse Rising, a game created by Gusmanak on Roblox. However, this story is twisted to turn the events that occur within the game act like real life events.

Pre-Apocalypse: On April 16th, in the year of 2035. The planet known as Earth was a calm and collected place. A large company known as Trinity Corporation has managed to buy out the United States Government's information and raise itself to the top of the United Nations promising to better the world in both technological and natural ways of life. Gaining control of the United Nations, Trinity Corp managed to earn it's trust within trade between most of the countries in the world. As of the mid 2030's and late 2030's, Trinity Corp owns a large portion of North America, turning the United States of America, Canada, and parts of Mexico into the United States of Trinity. Trinity Corp created it's large headquarters in Northern Georgia shortly before creating the states formerly known as Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming into the capital of the country, known as Kin. Trinity Corporation had delivered what they promised, from 2035 to 2044, the world was peaceful, crime was on a down low, and the way of life increased ten fold. However, after a short 9 years of making the world a better place, Trinity Corp had fallen.

Post-Apocalypse: Taking place several years after Trinity Corp formed the United States of Trinity. On the date of March 26th, 2044, the scientists in the main scientific division for Trinity Corp went bankrupt after holding an experiment to transform human specimens into weapons for future warfare. After finding a rare virus distributed through drugs, Trinity Corp managed to capture and test what they labeled as 'The Virus'. The Virus would be used to test on humans in order to better their immune systems, expand their life-span, and hopefully turn them into a super soldier used within the military. However, going bankrupt after starting their experiments, Trinity Corp's scientists illegally continued to test on humans, eventually creating a monstrosity they labeled as 'Subject 3'. However the public dubbed this all black monster as Patient Zero. Patient Zero had managed to escape out of Trinity Corp's containment systems and escape into the world, where he laid waste to civilians. Several weeks passed until the first reports of dead people, now deemed as 'zombies' started eating other living creatures in cities such as Kin, Dirk, and so on. No one is sure how the infection spread, although several survivors have believed Patient Zero is the reason behind all the zombies now roaming the world. Tracing evidence back to Trinity Corp, several survivors learn that several scientists and guards of Trinity Corp survived the apocalypse and are now hunting civilians who they call 'Coordinates'. Coordinates are people that Trinity Corp believes have special chemicals within their own body making them immune to the virus, if Trinity Corp kills the Coordinates, they can extract the chemicals and hopefully create an antidote for the apocalypse and bring an end to the zombies. With Trinity Corp after random civilians and most of the population transformed into the walking dead, you are a survivor, and you must do whatever it takes to survive.
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