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Here in the Kerto Region, you train to become the Pokemon Master, however that goal isn't easy to reach when the region is under the dictation of Team Neon.
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 The Elsewood Trio (Flint, Gladis, and Walter)

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The Elsewood Trio (Flint, Gladis, and Walter) Empty
PostSubject: The Elsewood Trio (Flint, Gladis, and Walter)   The Elsewood Trio (Flint, Gladis, and Walter) I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 24, 2015 11:25 pm

Leader Statistics
Leader Name(s): Flint Elsewood, Gladis Elsewood, and Walter Elsewood
Age(s): 17 (Flint), 16 (Gladis), 18 (Walter)
Gender(s): Male, Female, Male
Leader Type: Fire, Grass, and Water
Hometown: Elsewood City
Region: Kerto
Date of Birth: 6/13 (Flint), 5/21 (Gladis), 4/13 (Walter)
Family Members These three leaders are all siblings, unnamed grandmother, unnamed grandfather

Badge Awarded: Element Badge

Leader Appearance
Clothing: Flint and Walter wear red and cyan business suits with a white inner shirt and black tie. Gladis wears a fancy green, short skirt dress with knee high white socks, heels, and white gloves that extend to her elbows.
Hair Color: Light Red (Flint), Light Green (Gladis), Cyan (Walter)
Eye Color: All three have brown eyes
Skin Color: All three have white skin

Pokemon Statistics
Flint's Pokemon: Litleo
Gladis' Pokemon: Nuzleaf
Walter's Pokemon: Buizel
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The Elsewood Trio (Flint, Gladis, and Walter)
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